ISEC 2009 – 2nd Indian Software Engineering Conference

Are you surprised that India is having only its second software engineering conference? With so much outsourced software development working happening out of India and India being the home of close to a million people working on software development and maintenance, how come nobody thought of organizing such a conference earlier? (I am not sure about the figure 1 million, but it is surely more than any country other than US)

This event was held in Pune (last year’s event was in Hyderabad) and I came back from the conference with a positive feeling. There were close to 100 participants. I believe that the level of participation was less than last year. I suppose the reason for lower participation is obvious.

I found the following sessions /papers very interesting:

  1. In the keynote address, Prof. David Rosenblum, asked the question “what is scalability?” – His talk threw new light on a term we use regularly – I am sure I will be able to apply some of his thoughts
  2. FSE best paper on “What makes a good bug report?” – I liked the way the study was conducted comparing what developers think important about bug reporting and what testers think important about the same
  3. Two Research papers from TCS “Instant Multi-Tier Web Applications without Tears” and “Extending AOP with Models” – I liked these papers probably because they were very much in line with the work that I am doing
  4. Experience report presented  on “From Twin Training to Pair Programming” – I liked the concept of twin training and how it was used by 2 beginners to learn new technologies & concepts and then continue development of half finished application, that to without any mentoring
  5. I was also impressed by the presentation of the various sponsors – by the type of research happening in India

What surprised me was that there was almost no mention of Agile methodologies. Also, the paper on SaaS was almost like an introduction for a beginner.

3rd ISEC will be held in Mysore and Infosys is going to be the host.

Here are couple of interesting statistics:

  • Of the 11 research papers only 3 of them were form Indian academic institutions
  • 6 of the 11 research papers had at least one author who was from a university outside India

I think we can draw 3 conclusions from this:

  1. Significant amount of research on software engineering is happening in Indian Software industry
  2. This conference has generated enough interest outside India
  3. … I leave it to you to draw this conclusion

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