Has the time for Open Source ERP come?

For some time now I have been tracking the change in popularity of the top open source platform and I noticed a curious trend. At the beginning of the year ADempiere ERP was the top open source project. Looking down the list you would have found PostBooks at 8, Openbravo ERP at 9, webERP at 17 and OrangeHRM at 21. At that time it was mostly on my unconscious mind and had not “realized” it. But slowly the trend became more pronounced. Five of the top 7 open source projects are ERP. This is how it stands –order in which it is ranked in Source Forge:

  1. PostBooks
  2. Openbravo ERP
  3. ADempiere ERP
  4. – (others)
  5. webERP
  6. – (others)
  7. OrangeHRM

I decided to check on what other analysts have to say on this and found 2 posts which echoed similar thought.

Here is another interesting post which I came across today – “Stripped-down” open source ESBs still solid middleware engines

Open source seems to be everywhere!

Here is an interesting exercise which you can try:

  1. Think of top 20 (or top 50) software product brand – do not count versions or variant separately – example Windows OS is one
  2. Classify them as Proprietary vs. Open Source
  3. Also Classify them as Last Millennium vs. This Millennium – Use the first popular release as the date – example Windows 3.0 (1990)
  4. Fill the names in the following 4 quadrants – I have put few names (my dates may be debatable) – you can fill-up the rest

What do you see?

7 Responses to “Has the time for Open Source ERP come?”
  1. arnulf0 says:

    Best regards,

    Thanks for the article, a small detail, the link for “Adempiere ERP” is incorrect.

    Should be:



  2. Thanks for your article by the way If you want to consider ERP system. Free Learning SAP R/3 in a step-by-step online and we provide SAP document and ABAP/4 training online everything we provide free for you. visit saptraineronline.com

  3. Deepesh says:

    What about .NET. Even though the .NET framework is free , there is a whole ecosystem of editors and products build around it…which are proprietary. Also the concept of Cloud Computing. Those platforms are proprietary and puts a chrage for usage. Apple iPhone…the biggest success of this millenium..proprietary (to the core 🙂 ).

    Moreover in the latter part of this millenium, the industry seems to have shifted from a PC outlook to a Web one. All the new hot trends and products are in Web.

    • Deepesh says:

      I missed Virtualization.. VMWare…Again Successful and Proprietary. But yeah these point are more meant for towards the end of the blog.

      • setandbma says:

        I agree about VMWare. It will fill the question mark in the grid.

        iPhone is a physical product – not a piece of software.

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