Technology Direction – Forrester and Gartner

Both Gartner and Forrester came up with their technology prediction this month. It is interesting to compare the two – here is a comparison.

Topic Forrester: The Top 15 Technology Trends EA Should Watch (here) Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010 (here) Remarks
Web 2.0 Social Computing In And Around The Enterprise

  • Collaboration platforms become people-centric
  • Customer community platforms integrate with business apps
  • Tele-presence gains widespread use
Social Computing As usual Gartner has less to say about social computing than Forrester

  • Gartner had ignored the term Web 2.0 till 2006
  • Forrester has been trying to popularize the term Groundswell and has also published a book on the subject
SOA, BPM & Security Agile And Fit-To-Purpose Applications

  • Business rules processing moves to the mainstream
  • BPM will be Web-2.0-enabled
  • Policy-based SOA becomes predominant
  • Security will be data- and content-based
Security – Activity Monitoring Gartner has ignored SOA & BPM and I am inclined to agree with them
Mobile Mobile As The New Desktop

  • Apps and business processes go mobile
  • Mobile networks and devices gain more power
Mobile Applications Mobile is going to be very important but it is likely to give rise to a new class of applications – not possible on a desktop or laptop. Both Gartner & Forrester seems to have missed this point
Cloud Restructured IT Service Platforms

  • SaaS will be ubiquitous for packaged apps
  • Cloud-based platforms become standard infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service
  • Client virtualization is ubiquitous
  • Cloud Computing
  • Client Computing
  • Reshaping the Data Centre
  • Virtualization for Availability
Though there is lot of hype around cloud & virtualization – I think it is still at least 2 years away
Analytics Process-Centric Data And Intelligence

  • Business intelligence goes real-time
  • Master data management matures
  • Data quality services become real-time
Advanced Analytics No opinion
  • IT for Green
  • Flash Memory
No opinion

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