Agile Tool – Expert Recommendation

For some time I have been observing the discussion thread in LinkedIn – Any recommended tools for Agile and Scrum based software development? which is a part of  Agile Alliance group.

It is one of the most active discussions and have 127 commends till date and has recommendations from agile experts from all around the world and 53 different tools have been suggested. Not all of them are specifically for agile or scrum. In addition to the tools listed below, there are 12 recommendations for using manual methods like – “A dedicated team room with white boards, bulletin boards, index cards, writing implements, and work stations” as suggested by Steve Gordon.

Here are the top 12:

  1. JIRA and it add-ins like GreenHopper, Confluence(Collaboration), Bamboo(Continuous Integration) and Crucible(Code Review) (24 recommendations)
  2. VersionOne (11 recommendations)
  3. Rally and its add-in like AccuBridge (10 recommendations)
  4. Mingle (10 recommendations)
  5. VSTS with Scrum Templates and its add-ins and templates like UrbanTurtle, Conchango etc. (9 recommendations)
  6. Excel and template from Jeff Sutherland (8 recommendations)
  7. PivotalTracker (8 recommendations)
  8. Scrumworks (4 recommendations)
  9. Hudson(Continuous Integration) (4 recommendations)
  10. Scrumpad (4 recommendations)
  11. TargetProcess (4 recommendations)
  12. Agilo (4 recommendations)

Apart from these following tools received 3 recommendations:

Twelve tools had 2 recommendations each:

Here is the balance twenty eight which received 1 recommendation each:

21 Responses to “Agile Tool – Expert Recommendation”
  1. Paul Vii says:

    Personally I am experienced in Jira but I support the free tools such as QuickScrum as well as other free resource like

  2. Mobeen says:

    I don’t see Yodiz here. i think that’s much better than many listed above.

  3. There are very great list of scrum tool but one another best scrum tool missing by you please add to your list.

  4. Mitchell B says:

    Great list Udayan, I am impressed, but I am surprised that you missed out on the agile tool OnTime by ?

  5. Scrum Tools says:

    I would add to that list. I’m sure it would have got a couple of recommendations at least. I remember reading one somewhere which led to my using it

  6. Lisa Ray says:

    WRAP (WoodRanch Agile Projects) provides agile metrics and historical intelligent reports based off datamart. For example, you can view Burn up graphs (graph and data grid) for iterations, releases and stories as well as go back to any period in time and view stories progress within the given past period. These reports help not only track the progress but also help analyze the agile processes, identify the bottlenecks and take acions accordingly. WRAP is free for 5 usres. Register at

  7. mike says:

    I believe SCRUM tool Sprintometer ( is rather innovative for free software: office 2007 design, unusual editable spreadsheets with color highlighting, statistical burn-down chart, support both for local files and server mode, full undo/redo inside tree hierarchy…

  8. PM Hut says:

    Good list,

    The main problem, IMO, with all these tools, is that all of them are more or less the same, they do look different though (different skins) and the plans are different. When will it be time when someone does something innovative.

    PS: I think twitter should be somewhere on that list, as twitter can be used to manage projects, of course, mainly the collaboration aspect of the project.

  9. Julia Hallin says:

    Hi all,
    If you’re evaluating an agile project management tool, you should definitely check out Hansoft.

    Hansoft is a real time updated project management solution, used by developers in more than 20 countries for agile and lean development, collaborative Gantt scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, and portfolio & document management. You can download a free 2-user trial from:, or contact us at solutions(at) for a full team trial.

    Julia Hallin

  10. Jon Archer says:

    Hey…what LinkedIn group is that discussion taking place in? I’m obviously not a member of it ‘cos when I click the link I get “Sorry you are not a member of the group you are trying to access.” — but no clues which group it is(!)

    • Udayan Banerjee says:

      Thanks for pointing out this omission. This discussion is a part of “Agile Alliance” group. I have updated the post.

  11. Chuck van der Linden says:

    Cucumber is technically a part of Rspec, it’s just more of a ‘story runner’ that is typically used to do testing above the ‘unit’ level (e.g. you can use it with something like watir to drive a web UI) testing using BDD style stories. I would also say that it goes a bit beyond mere TDD and starts to get into the land of ‘executable specification’

  12. jyoti says:

    We tried PivotalTracker. It’s very good except that it doesnt track the progress of a story.

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