Why I switched to Chrome

This January, Chrome crossed 5% market share mark. Neither Safari nor Opera could ever manage it. What is even more interesting is that in February the market share of all other major browsers slipped and in last one year, Chrome has picked up 4% market share! (If you want detailed stats on browser market share, you do not have to look any further than Wikipedia.)

Couple of month back I received an email from Deepesh stating “You guys need to install this….Its’ way way faster“. The “It” referred to Chrome 4.0. Since not all sites open properly on non-IE browser, I am very reluctant to switch to anything else. So, all these years, I have lived with my IE. Though I had tried Firefox but did not find it attractive enough to go through the complication of using 2 browsers. On an impulse I tried Chrome and never looked back. Here is why:

  • The viewing canvas is larger
  • I do not need Google toolbar
  • Single search box – for URL as well as for search – is elegant
  • Built in spell checker is very convenient – as I am very bad at spelling
  • All the input text area are automatically resizable – very convenient for quick blog post and blog comments
  • I like the way download is handled
  • The history is searchable

And, yes it is FAST (here is a comparison) and overall – I find it clean, elegant and simple.

However, this is not the whole story. If you look at the bigger cloud computing picture – it will be obvious that Chrome is very central to Google strategy. So, you can hope to see much tighter integration between many of Google cloud offering and Chrome. I won’t be surprised if Google Apps work significantly better with Chrome than any other browser.

Then there is also HTML 5 and its game changing potential. It is in Google’s interest to have more powerful browser with more functionality. IE has steadily been losing market share for last 6 years – about 5% per year. Till 2 quarters back Firefox had been picking up 80% of that share. Now it appears that the trend has shifted towards Chrome adoption.

I think this growth will continue and we can hope to see Chrome cornering close to 10% by the end of this year.


4 Responses to “Why I switched to Chrome”
  1. Deepesh says:

    You can also see that Google is really serious with Chrome from the following point

    Safari and Chrome uses the WebKit engine..And Apple have been one of its early users by using it in Safari (For both Mac and iPhone versions). But now Google, in this short period of time, has made more contributions to this open source project.


  2. Deepesh says:

    Another interesting point is that…Mozilla as an organization is mainly supported by the deal they have with Google for having Google as the default search engine in FireFox..around $60 million which is like 85-90% of their whole revenue. This contract runs till the end of this year. What will happen if Google decides to close this deal?? Of Course FireFox could make a deal with Yahoo or even go Country specific and go with Baidu, Yandex etc…But I feel that this drive people more towards Chrome. So Google could really hurt Firefox too… Of course tha’s if they move out of their motto..”Don’t be evil” 🙂

  3. Saqib Ali says:

    I think HTML 5 Canvas is the key for future web apps. It will allow development of Web based Rich-Text-Editor that were previously only possible using Java Applets.

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