Will Best Management Idea come from Emerging Market

Harvard Business Review had published A Tribute to C K Prahalad written by HBR editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius. Here is an interesting quote from the article.

“… C.K. also expressed enthusiasm about a book he was co-writing for HBR Press with HBR editor at large Anand Raman, on how some of the best management ideas these days are coming from India and the other emerging markets, and are reshaping management theory….”

If you look at the article The Most Influential Management Gurus on Forbes.com, you may find some evidence of this phenomenon. The article is based on the site 50thinkers.com which has been publishing a listing of the world’s top 50 business thinkers every alternate year from 2001. The top slot has gone to Peter Drucker (2001, 2003), Michael Porter (2005) and C K Prahalad (2007, 2009). I was looking at the list from Indian perspective – so I counted the number of persons from Indian origin in those lists:

The 2009 list also features the Nobel laureate
Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh at the sixth position. I also examined the site for India bias but could not find any.

Interesting news from Indian perspective:

Nitin Nohria is the appointed Dean of Harvard Business School.

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