Will Android beat iPhone

If you look at Gartner prediction then the question is not “if” but “when”. In October, 2009, they had predicted that Android as a mobile platform will be at the No. 2 slot after Symbian. There are several other indications this is indeed going to happen.

This chart is from a presentation Mobile Devices -The iPhone Is Not The Only Game In Town by Carolina Milanesi

Here are some of the other trends that points in the same direction.

Android Outsells iPhone in the US

Android is the platform most used by mobile developers is early 2010

Android development has the minimum learning curve

How the iPhone 4 could be Apple’s Waterloo

“Whatever the cause of this technical issue, the real problem concerns Apple’s handling of the matter. Like Napoleon fighting one battle too many in his quest to conquer Europe and getting unexpectedly beaten at Waterloo, the iPhone 4 incident could be where Apple’s arrogance leads it to a stinging defeat from which it may never recover.”

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