Google+ is supplementing your search result

Have you noticed that your search result has started showing what your connections in Google+ are recommending?

This indicates the true potential of Google Plus.

There are few recent interesting developments which indicates slow and steady rise of Google Plus

  1. Going from invitation only to open to all – see this
  2. For business – limited trial with Ford Motors and few others – see this
  3. Google Plus search – see this

Actually, the rise in last few days is anything but slow. Visits to Google Plus increased by 10 times. The site received 15 million U.S. visits, up from 1.1 million the week before and its ranking went up from 54th to 8th in just one week in Hitwise’s Social Networking and Forums category.

In fact, in terms of % traffic, Google+ (0.55%) is not very much behind MySpace (0.60%) and LinkedIn (0.66%).

2 Responses to “Google+ is supplementing your search result”
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  1. […] that is, to add a social dimension to everything that it does. Therefore, the search results have started showing so-and-so has either shared or liked this result. It has even started saying that you yourself have […]

  2. […] Paul Allen says Google+ growth is accelerating and passes 62 million users, adding 625,000 new users per day and will probably have 400 million users by end of 2012. Whether this will threaten Facebook or not is less important than how this is going to affect search result. […]

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