6 Game Changing Technology Events of 2011 – and 2 Non-Events

1. Steve Jobs resigns permanently

Steve Jobs, the genius is no longer with Apple.

Would you like to take a bet that within next three years, Apple will not be able to come up with another game changing innovation like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac or Apple PC?

2. Google goes social

Paul Allen says Google+ growth is accelerating and passes 62 million users, adding 625,000 new users per day and will probably have 400 million users by end of 2012. Whether this will threaten Facebook or not is less important than how this is going to affect search result.

Google knows much more about us than we can imagine – sometime you may feel that it can even read your mind – it is scary.

3. Microsoft chooses Metro UI for Windows 8

This bold decision is either a make or break for Microsoft – well not necessarily for Microsoft but for their OS business. If people reject it then Microsoft can say goodbye to mobile and tablet OS. But if it gets accepted then surely there is a chance that they will go on to be a strong player in both phone and tablet OS market.

Mobile and tablet UI needs innovation and Metro UI may just be that.

4. HTML5 has won the mobile war

What is going to stop HTML5, especially in the mobile? All leading players have adopted it – Apple, Microsoft, Google and now even Adobe. Have you seen the HTML5 version of Angry Bird?

Yes, HTML5 has won – would it have happened if Steve Jobs had not refused to allow Flash in iPhone?

5. Watson- Breakthrough in AI influences Google

How big a deal is IBM Watson winning Jeopardy!? It is just another milestone like Deep Blue beating Kasparov in chess which did not have any game changing effect? What is more interesting is how this has affected Google. Just after Watson won, Google has started replying to your search query with an explicit answer and it is continuously improving.

Are we moving towards an era where there will be an all knowing machine which will answer all questions?

6. Motion sensing technology comes of age

Which is the “Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device”? No it is not the iPhone or the iPad. It is, according to Guinness Book of World Record, Kinect for the Xbox 360 which sold an average of 133,333 units per day, for a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days on sale from 4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011. Microsoft seems to have made significant breakthrough in motion sensing technology.

Is this going to be one of the key building blocks of required for a household robot?

A. No Facebook IPO

This is really an event that did not happen. Why did it not happen? Is it due to the launch of Google+ which spoiled the party, or the informal valuation of Facebook already too high?

Or is this a sign that social networks has less influence on buying decision than what people would like to believe?

B. Nothing on Cloud Computing

I cannot think of even one event in cloud computing which is worth a mention. That by itself is worth a mention.

Is cloud computing losing its value proposition?

Other not so significant events

Significant product launches

  • Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Windows Phone 7.5, Mango
  • iPhone 4S
  • Galaxy S2
  • iPad 2
  • Kindle Fire
  • Google+

Merger, Acquisition and Strategic Partnership

Patent war

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2 Responses to “6 Game Changing Technology Events of 2011 – and 2 Non-Events”
  1. Justin Ennis says:

    I agree with your first item although as a confessed Apple fanboy it pains me to say it. I am really hoping against hope that they can continue to create game-changing innovation.

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