How to Leverage Google’s “Search Plus Your World”?

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of trying to locate a post or a page in the web which you vaguely recollect having read sometimes in the past?

It happens to me quite frequently.

For example, recently, I read an article on “10 Ways to Sell an Idea” by Dennis McCafferty which I found to be quiet contrary to another article I had read few years back. I wanted to locate the article and it took me a long time to do it. In fact, it took me more time to locate the article than to write the post comparing the contrasting view – How to Pursue You Innovative Idea – 2 Contradictory Perspectives.

Now that Google has started leveraging your and your friend’s activities for searching – it may be an interesting idea leverage that to find stuff that you have liked in the past.

After I had added by blog to my Google+ profile, I have found it easier to search any of my past post by directly searching in Google rather than going to my blog and looking for it. Since the search result is personalized, the post that I am looking for invariably shows up in the search.

For example, to look for my post 6 Game Changing Technology Events Of 2011 – And 2 Non-Events I had to just type “6 events and 2” and bang the link shows up as the third item.

Obviously, when you do a similar search, you will not find the link.

Here is an interesting study from IBM – Tip for Getting More Organized: Don’t

So, that opens an interesting possibility.

Why not just keep liking and sharing all the post that you might find interesting? You may be able to find it easily in some distant future.

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