7 Gadgets – Lavish, Amazing, and Ridiculous

A speaker for $80,000, a motorcycle for $500,000, a mobile for $13,800, a watch for $260,000, a PC workstation for $45,000 or a knife with 1TB thumb drive for $3,000.

Which of these do you find most Lavish, Amazing, and Ridiculous?

Anyway if you want to check these products out then here are the links. BTW: I could not find the Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife.

Speaker from Transmission Audio

“If there was a better way to build speakers, we would do it”

Watch from Harry Winston

“Live the Moment”

Motorcycle from Ecosse Moto Works

“Exquisitely engineered for a fortunate few”

PC Workstation from Emperor

“Luxury, Sophistication and Ergonomic Comfort without Compromise”

Headphones from Woo Audio

“Finely Crafted in New York”

Mobile from Vertu

“At the heart of every Vertu experience is the independent concierge service designed to meet your every need”


I have picked these items from this post published in Gadget lab. It had 2 more items which did not appeal to me!

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