Open Source and Microsoft – are you kidding?

Guess who the only “Premium Diamond Sponsor” was for the Open Source Convention, OSCON 2012?

Yes, it was Microsoft.

See the report from eWeek.

Other sponsors of the event included HP, Citrix, Google, Open Stack, Red Hat, Dell, Facebook, Intel, RackSpace, VMWare, Amazon, Ubuntu, IBM and Oracle. (This is a partial list).

The Tracks were Business, Cloud, Community, Data, Education, Geek Lifestyle, Java & JVM, JavaScript & HTML5, Ops, Perl, PHP, Programming, Python, Tools and Techniques and UX.

Microsoft and Open Source

Did you know that Microsoft has a wholly owned subsidiary called “Microsoft Open Technologies”? It was announced in a blog post in April 2012.

Here is the home page and here is the page on Git Hub.

Did you know that Microsoft is now in the top 20 list of the Linux kernel’s biggest contributors?  If you do not believe it then have a look at the “The Linux Foundation Releases Annual Linux Development Report”.

Looks like Microsoft is serious about Open Source.

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2 Responses to “Open Source and Microsoft – are you kidding?”
  1. venkateshsrini says:

    Microsoft has adopted open source in greatway. ASP.NET the flagship platform for developing web application for Microsoft, the platform on which Micorosoft CRM dynamics ,sharepoint and many other CRM’s like DotnetNuke all exist is on ASP.NET. This platform is now open source And what more they have reaped the benefits. Mono 3.0 now supports ASP.NET flagship feature ASP.NET web API. I just write an Web API and then it just runs llike magic in other OS like Linux using Mono

  2. eswarann says:

    Considering the enormous kitty of products they have I am sure they can afford with right results…

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