Should Cloud and Mobility Alter Your Approach to EA?

Farmville Farmers Outnumber Real Farmers — WHY?

Angry Birds passes one billion download –- WHY?

On 21st November, 2011, Kolaveri became the ‘most searched video’ on YouTube — WHY?

After two and a half year of near hibernation our Yammer usage suddenly took off without any internal promotion — WHY?

The answer is “we don’t know!

  • We don’t know why something go viral
  • We cannot predict it
  • We cannot prescribe a formula

BUT – We can be sure similar unexpected events will happen again … and … again … and … again.

Till the discovery of Black Swan in Australia in the 18th century everybody thought swans are only white. Black Swan = Expect the Unexpected

Hyper-Connected World

We have been connecting ourselves like never before!

  • Wired Communication
  • Networked Personal Computing
  • Hyperlinking
  • Search
  • Wireless Communication
  • Social Networking

We live in a Hyper-Connected world – and – Hyper-connectivity also leads to unexpected behavior.

Look at our brain:

  • By the age of 5 our brain size reaches about 80% for the adult size. What happens after that? We develop interconnections among the brain cells – the learning, the intelligence is in the interconnection.
  • In last 32,000 years our brain size has decreased. Does it make us less intelligent? Our intelligence is in the interconnectivity – Inside the brain, derived from social interaction.

Hyper-Connectivity gives rise to an intelligence of it own where 2 + 2 may be 22!

Look at nature:

  • Does an ant-hill have a predefined architecture?
  • Do birds flying in a formation have a flight plan?
  • Do ants find food using a search algorithm?

Hyper-Connectivity leads to unexpected events which …

… changes our world view

… alters our business strategy

… alters our technology adoption cycle

Do traditional technology adoption model work any more?

Do traditional technology adoption model like “Technology Adoption Lifecycle” formulated by Everett Rogers & Geoffrey Moore or the “Hype-Cycle” formulated by Gartner reflect the current reality?

In Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies” –

  • 2011: only 1 of the 7 technologies mentioned in “climbing the slope of enlightenment” ever went through the “peak of inflated expectation”.
  • 2007 to 2011: only 3 of the 15 technologies ever mentioned in “climbing the slope of enlightenment” ever went through the “peak of inflated expectation”. Almost two-third of them originated in the consumer space.

Success of Technologies are becoming unexpected and are driven my individual users. You notice it only when it succeeds.

You are suddenly hit by the success like a “Stealth Bomber”. Like a Stealth Bomber it hit you without notice! And you will find that your customers have already adopted the technology.

That is Consumerization of IT.

But why should you care?

You should care because in the Hyper-connected world … can you afford NOT to connect with you customer?

3 Phases of IT application

As the world around us have changed … so has the use of Information Technology.

Over the years IT has gone through 3 phases:

  1. Phase I: Was about automating manual processes like payroll & accounting
  2. Phase II: Was about Information Systems … about providing the right information for decision making
  3. Phase III: Was about Information Technology being part of every Product and Service

In Phase II – Business Strategy lead to Enterprise Architecture and Choice of Technology was secondary to EA.

In Phase III – Technology Adoption around us modifies our Business Strategy!

Question to all Enterprise Architect — Are you ready for this shift?

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