12th Reason Why Windows Phone will overtake Android in 3 years

So, the news is Apple awarded $1bn in damages from Samsung in US court.

Apple wins … Samsung loses … Google loses … all other Android phone maker loses … customer loses and … Microsoft wins.

Why is it a win for Microsoft?

The reason is obvious – any hit on Android will open a window for Windows Phone 8!

Samsung will be forced to look at alternative to Android … what else is the except Windows 8 phone?

Other Android manufacturer (except Motorola) would also look around … and only find Windows 8 phone.

BTW: Here are the 11 other Reasons Why Windows Phone will overtake Android in Next 3 Years.

Both Google and Microsoft have copied Apple

Google copied the look and feel but had a completely different business model – they got sued and lost.

Microsoft is trying to copy the business model but they have a completely different look and feel – they cannot be sued.

Final thought…

Would Samsung have lost the case so badly had it been a US based company instead of being a South Korean company?

In the 90′, in a similar case against against Microsoft … Apple did not win!

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5 Responses to “12th Reason Why Windows Phone will overtake Android in 3 years”
  1. DumbBlog says:

    Well this didn’t age well

  2. Sameer says:

    I think the situation is more complex than that. The main reason for popularity of Apple iOS and Android devices is the ecosystem of apps, games etc that has developed around these OS. For Microsoft to reach the level of popularity, it must develop this ecosystem which may prove to be challenging. And then there is Amazon which as taken the Android core and slapped on its own UI on Fire tablet. That presumably doesn’t expose it to the same risks as Samsung. So in the short run it is Amazon that may benefit the most.

    Of course, if Apple sues Google over Android and wins, the situation would definitely tilt in Microsoft’s favor.

  3. dinakaranonline says:

    I was surprised to read about the news that many Android OEM has to pay small royalty to M$ on every Android device sold , reason being Android infringes on the patents from Microsoft .A guess estimates give the figure that M$ earns more from Android than Google itself.

    It seems there are around 11 OEM with biggies like Samsung , HTC and LG who have signed up with Microsoft on this. It’s interesting to note that Microsoft is not going after Google or Android but OEM’s only.

    And with Google’s response to the Samsung Apple verdict : Distancing from the issue and responding that there are no Android core components that is infringing on patents from Apple is making OEM to believe that it is better to be with M$ which holds a gold mine of patent in order to avoid being sued by Apple or M$ . Also M$ will be more interested in getting all OEM to pick up Windows 8 as there is already a patent licensing deal in place.

    Interesting times ahead 🙂

  4. Yogendra Pahariya says:

    I am a Android lover but agree now that this ruling could adversely impact Samsung and other android based maker like HTC, LG etc. Samsung will appeal against this ruling.

    However, i could not understand one thing “why don’t Apple sue Android maker ‘Google’ at first place?”

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