Searching for causation

Algorithms in Real Life

If you are an author, there are three things you worry about.

  1. How many have purchased the book?
  2. How many have read the book?
  3. How many have understood the book?

If you have written the book with the aim of making money, then asking the first question is sufficient. If you believe that you have written a masterpiece and that it is important to you that as many should read it, then the second question is sufficient and you should not be worried about the first. Book piracy is the last thing you have in mind if you are interested in the second question. The third question is obviously meant for those practicing Zen and the mystic.

The first question can be answered by Big Data. Amazon, Flipkart or anybody who have access of all purchases can easily answer the same after a deep dive in the retail data. To…

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