Algorithms In Real Life – Big Data Overview

Algorithms in Real Life

Big Data Overview

What is Big Data?

The Wikipedia defines Big Data as a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process and store using traditional tools.

The Wikipedia definition is more from a data perspective. Of late, the tools and techniques which are employed for handling big data are also classified under Big Data. So, Big Data is a set of specialized tools and mechanisms which can store, process and analyze complex, unstructured data in near real time to provide better business/scientific/academic value.

Big Data Characteristics

As per IBM, a data problem can be identified as Big Data problem if it exhibits three main characteristics:

  • Volume: Big Data has huge volume usually in terms of terabytes, petabytes and above
  •  Velocity: Big Data has time sensitive streams of data to be processed at a real time
  •  Variety:Big Data…

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