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2 Responses to “My Guest Posts”
  1. Stefan says:

    Advertising inquiry


    Good day!


    I happened to find your website very usable and interesting. And I would like to ask you whether you accept links for temporary or permanent placement at this website.



    What are the prices for all the kinds and terms of advertising you offer?

    I’m interested in:

    • guest post

    • link insertion (in existing article)

    • Homepage link

    • banner


    Could, you, please specify the price for permanent term or per month?


    And in case there are some other online platforms for advertising at your disposal, please let me know. I will consider them with great pleasure.


    I am waiting for your positive response.


    Thank you in advance!


  2. Enormously enjoyed this article :), keep up the great authorship and
    I’ll keep reading. Will be sharing this with my facebook followers and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as well!

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