Do we need to define what agile is?

Assume that you are trying agile for the first time. If the project succeeds then everybody is happy. But… What happens if the project fails? Did the project fail because your agile implementation was wrong? …or… Did it fail it because agile was not the right methodology for your project? How would you know without a … Continue reading

MIT Research Finding Corroborates Agile Principles

We, the agile practitioner had known it all along. Teams where all members participate equally, collaborate with each other and self-organize produces better software! Authors of the agile manifesto had experientially learned this. Now researchers from MIT and CMU have experimentally arrived at the same conclusion! In a research study, “Evidence for a Collective Intelligence … Continue reading

Is Offshoring a Special Case of Agile Scaling?

Nobody in their right mind will claim today that distributed agile is not possible. There are simply too many success stories available to disprove the feeling that “distributed agile does not work”. There is also enough evidence that “agile offshoring” works better than “waterfall offshoring”. But, this was not the case ten years back. It … Continue reading

Brief History of Agile Movement

In February this year agile movement completes 11 years of existence. I am sure you are either using some form of agile methodology or examining the possibility of using them. But, are you aware of how the agile movement happened? Did it happen by chance or was it inevitable? Do you know what influenced the … Continue reading

Can Every Agile Team Self-Organize?

Statement (A): We know that some teams which have self-organized itself is much more productive compared to a team with similar set of members where the team organization has been prescribed from outside. Statement (B): Self- organizing teams will always outperform an equivalent team with an imposed organization. Is there a difference between the two … Continue reading

What makes Agile agile

Silly question – or is it? How do you judge if a methodology can be classified as agile methodology? Can Iterative or Spiral development methodology be classified as agile? What about Six Sigma or Lean process? On what basis will decide will you decide? If you go by the Forrester classification, Iterative or Spiral development … Continue reading

Agile Methodology and Emergence

What is Emergence? “It is the behavior of a system that is not explicitly described by the behavior of the components of the system, and is therefore unexpected to a designer or observer” – Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. “…emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions” … Continue reading