Artificial Intelligence – Myth or Reality, Boon or Bane

Way back in 1969, as a kid, I watched a very interesting movie – “2001: A Space Odyssey”. It was a science fiction where a super intelligent computer program HAL is in-charge of a mission to Jupiter which also carries several astronauts. The program becomes rogue and tries to kill all the astronauts. The hero … Continue reading

Are you scared of Automation?

Automation saves human effort … it makes our lives better. Yup – we all know that. The process is on for last 300 years. Automation also leads to job loss. Yeah … but new and more enriching job also gets created to compensate for the job loss.  That process is also on for last 300 … Continue reading

A Public Speaking Lesson in a Pot of Clay

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Today’s post was inspired by a story that I heard from my friend and fellow public speaker, Conor Neill. Conor came across the story via Malcolm Gladwell. I am not sure where Gladwell got it, but on with the story … On the first day of a pottery course,…

Is this a case of Big Brother watching you?

Alvin Toffler had predicted that in the Third Wave – Post Industrial Society, actionable knowledge as a primary resource. In some sense, knowledge is more freely available today than any other time in history – thanks to the internet, thanks to Wikipedia, thanks to Google, thanks to TED … thanks to all of us who have … Continue reading

Cuckoo Search

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I had earlier written on the Ant Colony Optimization. This is the second in the series about the Cuckoo Search metaheusristic. All of us are aware of the Cuckoo bird. One thing they are known for is the brood parasitism. While not all cuckoo species exhibit this behaviour this…

Why is making a good UI so hard for developers?

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If you talk to any developer the first response that you will immediately get is “Don’t make me do UI” or “UI is not my job” or even better “I do not understand UI”.  But the same programmer has no problem in understanding lengthy SQL statements or convoluted logic or obscure…

Algorithms In Real Life – Big Data Overview

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Big Data Overview What is Big Data? The Wikipedia defines Big Data as a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process and store using traditional tools. The Wikipedia definition is more from a data perspective. Of late, the tools and techniques…

The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators

Why Your Innovation Contest Won’t Work

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