What is TOGAF – without jargon

Yes, TOGAF is an EA (Enterprise Architecture) framework – but what is that suppose to mean? Imagine that you have to oversee the IT integration of 2 companies which has merged and they have different ERP, CRM, billing system and the customer facing process are different. The merged entity needs to rationalize the product offering … Continue reading

SOA Trends – Minus the Hype

Why has SOA risen like a phoenix from the ashes after it was declared as dead by Burton Group (now Gartner) analyst Anne Thomas Manes? Is it because the end of slowdown is in sight or is there some other reason? Recent statistics from Forrester says that the adoption of SOA is strong even during … Continue reading

8 Points to remember before you design your cloud application

Designing applications for the cloud is not business as usual. Though it is not rocket science, it has several nuances which are somewhat counterintuitive. Let me be more specific about what I mean by designing application for cloud. First let me exclude the whole universe of Software-as-a-Service where the applications are ready for use and … Continue reading

Is Enterprise Architecture Dying

Zachman wrote “This is what is killing Enterprise Architecture…” and Sunil starter a discussion on it in Linked iCMG group. The result – 604 comments and counting. It is a lively discussion and could not resist the temptation to summarize it. Though it is a tough ask to summarize 35 pages of heated discussions into … Continue reading