Does having more data allow you to make better decision?

Not necessarily! “…data on its own is just numbers, and numbers can’t run a company…” “…the quest to assemble relatively unimportant information can actually distract us from the few relevant facts…” “…small data sets won’t always give you the full picture, but the most impactful conclusions often actually require the least data…” “…the world contains … Continue reading

Who coined the term Big Data?

I like putting faces to names. Steve Lohr did the research and wrote an article about the origin of the term big Data in The New York Times. I could not resist my temptation to put faces to the names. Right or wrong, all the facts are from his article. His first step in the … Continue reading

2013: Why you are not likely to come across many Big Data success stories

Pick any technology forecast for 2013 and chances are very high that Big Data will find a place in that. And there will be a discussion on the big opportunity provided by Big Data. But, let me give you 2 reasons why you will not come across too many Big Data success stories … Reason 1: Competitive Advantage … Continue reading

What is the Definition of Big Data?

Is Big Data a buzzword with no clear definition? Wikipedia defines Big Data as… …a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications… 13 More Definitions of Big Data Here is a collection of 13 (unlucky?) other definitions of “Big Data” … Continue reading

Big Data – Is it a solution in search of a problem?

If you look at the predictions made for 2012, you will find a new entry which was not there last year. Be it Gartner, Forrester or McKenzie  – “Big Data” finds a place in the prediction. So, what is big data? Is it the next path breaking technology which will change everything or is it … Continue reading