Open Source and Microsoft – are you kidding?

Guess who the only “Premium Diamond Sponsor” was for the Open Source Convention, OSCON 2012? Yes, it was Microsoft. See the report from eWeek. Other sponsors of the event included HP, Citrix, Google, Open Stack, Red Hat, Dell, Facebook, Intel, RackSpace, VMWare, Amazon, Ubuntu, IBM and Oracle. (This is a partial list). The Tracks were … Continue reading

Agile Self-Organizing Teams and Role of a Leader

Agile team should self-organize. The Scrum Master can influence the process but not directly intervene. We all know this. Well, if you are not sure how this process works then you should read what Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software has to say: Leading a Self-Organizing Team Succeeding with Agile: Leading a Self-Organizing Team The … Continue reading

John Zachman, Edward de Bono and the Art of Presentation

What is common between John Zachman (who created the field of Enterprise Architecture) and Edward de Bono (who originated the term Lateral Thinking)? Both of them are now septuagenarian and have been pioneer in their respective field – but that is not what I am talking about. Recently, thanks to Sunil of iCMG, I had … Continue reading

Architecture World’09 – Pune

Good arrangements – I liked it more than the Bangalore event. Let me highlight 3 points from this event which can provide you with some food for thought. 1. Look at the list of speakers & panelists – you notice anything interesting? If we discount the people from IT/Consulting companies (17-7=10) – Telecom accounts for … Continue reading

BT Summit, Bangalore – 2009

When I drove into the Tata Auditorium at IISc, Bangalore for the Business Technology Summit – my first reaction was “Oh! So many cars!”. Yes, it was a very well attended conference. I have found that taking a statistics of the topics give a good way of gauging which way the technology wind is blowing. … Continue reading

Agile Australia – 2009

There are two things about Agile Australia that surprised me. The level of participation: There were around 350 participants – in this period of economic slowdown it is a huge number Missing Indian IT companies: None of the “tier one” Indian IT companies were around – neither as sponsors nor as speakers – why? As … Continue reading

ISEC 2009 – 2nd Indian Software Engineering Conference

Are you surprised that India is having only its second software engineering conference? With so much outsourced software development working happening out of India and India being the home of close to a million people working on software development and maintenance, how come nobody thought of organizing such a conference earlier? (I am not sure … Continue reading