Robot Wall-E in real life

Remember Wall-E? The robots created by Guy Hoffman reminds me of Wall-E … have a look!  

Seth Godin vs Malcolm Gladwell

I am a fan on Seth Godin’s writing … and … I am a fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s writing … but … … they are very different! Off course they look strikingly different, Seth Godin with his clean shave head and Malcolm Gladwell with his bushy hair. But, if you look deep you will see … Continue reading

How do you think?

How do you go about writing you program? Do you think in terms of: Programming construct Database design Abstract algorithm User interaction Looking back Way we think about writing a program has undergone several phases of evolution. The evolution has a close link with increasing complexity and technological progress. Flow chart era There was a … Continue reading

Curious story of software outsourcing

Have you heard the story of the person who outsourced his work for US$ 50,000 and which was just one fifth of what he was earning! His complete work was done by somebody in China (not India) while he spent his workdays surfing the web, watching cat videos on YouTube and browsing Reddit and eBay. He … Continue reading

What Makes Steve Jobs Special?

If James Watt had also invented the Deisel Engine … If Rudolf Diesel had also invented Electric Engine … If Guglielmo Marconi had also invented Telephony … If Alexander Graham Bell had also invented Mobile Phones … If Thomas Alva Edison had also invented the Fluorescent Lamp … If Edgar F. Codd had also invented … Continue reading

Blogging Tips – 3 Things that have worked for me

Synergize … Differentiate … Aggregate That is what has worked for me in my four and a half years of blogging endeavor. These are in addition to several mandatory practices that you should follow to give you a chance to have a large readership. So, I have included links to posts which very clearly explains what you … Continue reading

Is TypeScript Micrsoft’s answer to Google’s Dart?

One more programming language! On 1st October, 2012 Microsoft released TypeScript. Like Google’s Dart it is pitched against JavaScript. Unlike Dart it does not reject JavaScript syntax. 6 facts about TypeScript It compiles into JavaScript Its syntax is a super-set of JavaScript It is JavaScript + Object Orientation It is multi- platform – work with node.js and Visual … Continue reading

Node.js, C and Agile – What do they have in common?

The answer is… …all three are “lightweight”. …all three were a result of fresh ground up thinking. …all three had drastically simplified the existing way of doing things. Quick look at their evolution 1972: Most commonly used languages (Cobol, Fortran, Algol, PL/1, Basic, APL) all had complicated syntax. The prevailing thought process was to add … Continue reading

Open Source and Microsoft – are you kidding?

Guess who the only “Premium Diamond Sponsor” was for the Open Source Convention, OSCON 2012? Yes, it was Microsoft. See the report from eWeek. Other sponsors of the event included HP, Citrix, Google, Open Stack, Red Hat, Dell, Facebook, Intel, RackSpace, VMWare, Amazon, Ubuntu, IBM and Oracle. (This is a partial list). The Tracks were … Continue reading


We live in a Hyper-connected world. As usual there is no accepted definition of the term but you can look it up in Wikipedia, Wikispace, TechTarget or look at the However, I guess, you would know the meaning of the term even without a definition. Even in the absence of a clear definition one thing … Continue reading