Curious story of software outsourcing

Have you heard the story of the person who outsourced his work for US$ 50,000 and which was just one fifth of what he was earning! His complete work was done by somebody in China (not India) while he spent his workdays surfing the web, watching cat videos on YouTube and browsing Reddit and eBay. He … Continue reading

How has the world changed since Agile Manifesto happened?

Agile Manifesto was (formulated? signed? declared?) in 2001 February. The manifesto was born out the software development challenges faced in the 90’s. More than a decade has passed and we live in a different world. 6 ways the world has changed 1) Pace of change has become faster and faster Technology is changing faster. User … Continue reading

Does having more data allow you to make better decision?

Not necessarily! “…data on its own is just numbers, and numbers can’t run a company…” “…the quest to assemble relatively unimportant information can actually distract us from the few relevant facts…” “…small data sets won’t always give you the full picture, but the most impactful conclusions often actually require the least data…” “…the world contains … Continue reading

So Gartner was right!

In October, 2012 Gartner predicted that: “…by Year-End 2014, three of the top five mobile handset vendors will be Chinese…” I did not really believe it! Canalys Study But, it turns out that if you go by the study released by Canalys, it has already happened! Here are the details: IDC Study However, IDC study released … Continue reading

Who coined the term Big Data?

I like putting faces to names. Steve Lohr did the research and wrote an article about the origin of the term big Data in The New York Times. I could not resist my temptation to put faces to the names. Right or wrong, all the facts are from his article. His first step in the … Continue reading

Does the Agile Manifesto read like a Deceleration of Independence?

The Agile Manifesto happens to be a unique piece of document. I cannot find any equivalent document in whole of software engineering history. Why only software engineering, I cannot think of any equivalent in any field of engineering. Think of how it was developed. In February, 2001, seventeen like-minded people got together and came up with the manifesto. … Continue reading

Is Offshore-Agile a Bad Idea?

Yes … if you have a co-located cross-functional team … and … there is no pressure or compulsion to shift part of the work offshore. Yes … if you do not feel any necessity or face any difficulty in scaling the team. In all other cases offshore-agile may not be such a bad idea. If you must … Continue reading

Why the Mobile Website vs. Mobile App Debate is OVER?

If you are still asking the question should I build a mobile website or create an installable application for mobile… …then you are asking the wrong question! The Mobile Web vs. Mobile App debate is finally over. It is no longer a question of either…or. Making your website mobile friendly is no longer an option … Continue reading

(Offshored-Distributed-Outsourced) Agile: What is the relation between them?

Is off-shore agile a special case of distributed agile? Can the term offshore agile and outsourced agile be used interchangeably? If you have done distributed agile, then can you claim to understand off-shored agile and outsourced agile? Similarly, if you have mastered off-shored agile you say with confidence that you understand distributed agile and outsourced agile? Lastly, if you have … Continue reading

4 Tests to determine if you are following Agile development

Am I the only person who thinks that we need a clear, well understood and unambiguous determine if the development process that you are following can be classified as Agile development process? Do you necessarily have to have a small, co-located, cross-functional team to be able to claim that your process is indeed agile? If you go … Continue reading