4 Tests to determine if you are following Agile development

Am I the only person who thinks that we need a clear, well understood and unambiguous determine if the development process that you are following can be classified as Agile development process? Do you necessarily have to have a small, co-located, cross-functional team to be able to claim that your process is indeed agile? If you go … Continue reading

Do we need to define what agile is?

Assume that you are trying agile for the first time. If the project succeeds then everybody is happy. But… What happens if the project fails? Did the project fail because your agile implementation was wrong? …or… Did it fail it because agile was not the right methodology for your project? How would you know without a … Continue reading

What is the Definition of “Agile Methodology”?

I was looking for a nice definition of Agile Methodology and I was very confident that it would be easy to find. To my utter surprise, I could not locate any statement which even remotely looks like a definition. [Update: Current Wikipedia definition looks reasonable!] BTW: Do have a look at the 4 Tests to determine … Continue reading