Agile Trends – Minus the Hype

Surprise, surprises … Agile has never appeared in Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. So, the task of separating the hype from reality becomes simpler. The reality, Scott Ambler says, is that “…you’d have a hard time these days trying to find people who don’t want to be agile…” Agile is like starfish – you … Continue reading

What software development should NOT learn from manufacturing

In software engineering there have always been two schools of thought. One school feels that there is a lot to learn from manufacturing. The other school thinks that they are entirely different. There have been 3 distinct phases in this debate: CMM Phase: Manufacturing has transitioned from craftsmanship to mass production – productivity and quality … Continue reading

When Delivering Measurable Business Value is not the key to success of a software project

It is a no-brainer that if your software project delivers “measurable business value” it is deemed as successful. But, is the converse true – that is, if no measurable business value is generated the software project is a failure? The projects which I classify as ROI project, it is definitely true. However, there are 4 … Continue reading

Agile Tool – Expert Recommendation

For some time I have been observing the discussion thread in LinkedIn – Any recommended tools for Agile and Scrum based software development? which is a part of  Agile Alliance group. It is one of the most active discussions and have 127 commends till date and has recommendations from agile experts from all around the … Continue reading

Agile Australia – 2009

There are two things about Agile Australia that surprised me. The level of participation: There were around 350 participants – in this period of economic slowdown it is a huge number Missing Indian IT companies: None of the “tier one” Indian IT companies were around – neither as sponsors nor as speakers – why? As … Continue reading

Why am I uncomfortable with Product Backlog?

Though I am a strong believer in Agile process, I always get a feeling that a product backlog does not give the full picture of the expected product and we need something more to define it. Let us first look at how product backlog is prepared? You start with either a business problem or a … Continue reading

Agile Methodology and Emergence

What is Emergence? “It is the behavior of a system that is not explicitly described by the behavior of the components of the system, and is therefore unexpected to a designer or observer” – Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. “…emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions” … Continue reading

What is the Definition of “Agile Methodology”?

I was looking for a nice definition of Agile Methodology and I was very confident that it would be easy to find. To my utter surprise, I could not locate any statement which even remotely looks like a definition. [Update: Current Wikipedia definition looks reasonable!] BTW: Do have a look at the 4 Tests to determine … Continue reading

Unstable Requirement vs. Unstable Team

As you would have noticed, the cyberspace is buzzing with discussions on Agile. It covers various aspects of theory and practice of agile methodologies, but I have seen very little discussion on what happens when the agile development team is not stable. What happens when number of the developers leave the team midway through the … Continue reading

Off-shoring and Moving from Waterfall to Agile

For quiet some time I have been a proponent of agile methodologies. It has been a fascinating experience trying to persuade people to move from waterfall to agile. Right now the industry is in an overdrive towards adoption of agile methodologies and the doubters are taking a back seat. We seem to be moving towards … Continue reading