Best and Worst Moments for a Technology Blogger

One of the most enthralling experiences of a tech blogger is when a non-obvious prediction comes true. Similarly, most dejected feeling comes when a prediction goes horribly wrong. So, I can empathize with Robert Cringely when he says: That’s what I expect will be my epitaph: “He was either brilliant or stupid.” If you read … Continue reading

Steve Jobs the greatest CEO – the greatest Marketer… OR … Steve Jobs the Genius?

Nobody else in the history of business has achieved what Steve Jobs has achieved as a CEO. He has taken Apple from death bed (in 1997 it was dying) made it the most valuable company on earth. Interesting story: What Happened After Apple Fired Steve Jobs and How we was able to turn it around … Continue reading

Google-Motorola : Microsoft-Nokia : Palm-HP – Do you see a pattern?

By now you would have already read about the Google offer to buy Motorola Mobility division. You would have read about why this is the biggest mistake Google has ever made. You also would have read about why this is the most brilliant move made by Google. You would have been told why this is … Continue reading

Microsoft spends more on R&D than Google

[Update September, 2012 – R&D spend data from Dan Lyons’s post (figures are R&D spend as a % of revenue Google – 14%, Microsoft – 14%, Samsung – 6%, Apple – 2%] This is true not only in absolute dollar term but also true as a percentage of revenue. In fact, Microsoft spends more on R&D … Continue reading

Are you a Geek? Answer this question to find out!

What is your reaction to this news item? “…During the outfit’s recent attempt to outbid the likes of Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, RIM and Sony for a sliver of Nortel’s coveted wireless patent portfolio Google bid $1,902,160,540 (Brun’s constant), $2,614,972,128 (Meissel-Mertens constant) and $3.14159 billion (you know, pi) …” Either they were not serious about … Continue reading

Microsoft – Where will it be in ten years?

Can you think of a product category where one organization, in an open market, has maintained complete global dominance with 90%+ market share for close to 30 years? The only one that comes to my mind is “Operating System for PC”. Can you think of another? The other one which comes close is the “Office … Continue reading

Mobile Computing Trend – Minus the Hype

Yes, mobile computing is moving like an elephant and mowing down whatever comes in its path and there are many statistical indicators to support that hypothesis – as a result mobile channel is becoming must have rather than nice to have option. Hidden among this growth story is also a fundamental shift that is in … Continue reading

Is Apple forcing us to rethink on how to innovate

There is something very disturbing about the success of Apple. Many a management guru has talked about the importance of openness, listening to customer and building partnership in fostering innovation. Here are 3 strongly held beliefs which Apple had been ignoring with impunity. Openness and diversity fosters innovation Listening to customer is stepping stone to … Continue reading

What is New is iPhone OS 4

This is what Steve Jobs revealed about OS 4. He talked about over 1500 new APIs, Over 100 new user features and 7 tent pole – the key new features. Multitasking is finally there! So is API to access Calendar! But, I think the biggest innovation is iAd, where interactive ads will get embedded within … Continue reading

Will iPad Succeed

Will iPad succeed? We will know the answer to this question in few months time but I would like to put my neck out and apply one of my theories about why such devices succeed example – iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Palm, Walkman etc. For any new device to become very popular – it needs to … Continue reading