John Zachman, Edward de Bono and the Art of Presentation

What is common between John Zachman (who created the field of Enterprise Architecture) and Edward de Bono (who originated the term Lateral Thinking)? Both of them are now septuagenarian and have been pioneer in their respective field – but that is not what I am talking about. Recently, thanks to Sunil of iCMG, I had … Continue reading

Architectural Consideration for Building Cloud Application

Though it is generally believed that biggest challenge of architecting a cloud application is security and reliability, there is another major dimension which is generally overlooked which is cost optimization. In response to the pool “What is the main risk with cloud computing?” by Tech Republic – 59% identified data security to be the main … Continue reading

Architecture World’09 – Pune

Good arrangements – I liked it more than the Bangalore event. Let me highlight 3 points from this event which can provide you with some food for thought. 1. Look at the list of speakers & panelists – you notice anything interesting? If we discount the people from IT/Consulting companies (17-7=10) – Telecom accounts for … Continue reading