Automation – Job Loss or Better Life?

Automation leads to job loss which leads to loss of income for the displaced people. Automation also leads to cheaper goods and services improving our standard of living. So, because of automation, some people loose out, others gain. Historically, people who have benefited, far outnumbered those who have lost out. Jobs loss in one sector … Continue reading

The Hunger Games and Impact of Automation

What has “The Hunger Games” got to do with the impact of automation? I am a fan of the series of the books and the movies. However, find that there is something very illogical about the whole setting. No, I am not talking about any specific situation on any specific element of the story. Neither it is … Continue reading

Are you scared of Automation?

Automation saves human effort … it makes our lives better. Yup – we all know that. The process is on for last 300 years. Automation also leads to job loss. Yeah … but new and more enriching job also gets created to compensate for the job loss.  That process is also on for last 300 … Continue reading