Is the Cloud Secure

Obviously, the answer is it depends … on your security needs … on what you are comparing it with … on which cloud offering you are looking at. Therefore, instead of providing a one word “Yes” or “No” answer let me ask you a set of questions that will help you answer the question for … Continue reading

Is Cloud losing its Value Proposition

We all know that hardware prices always comes down – but have you noticed any such trend in cloud computing? So, what happens when hardware prices keep coming down and cloud services pricing remains steady? The cloud value proposition of lowering IT costs slowly disappears … right? There is no doubt that the range of … Continue reading

Cloud Computing Trend – Minus the Hype

If you subtract the hype, cloud computing is moving as a tortoise – slow and steady, more slow than steady. Will it win the race? May be; but not next year. The question is where we will be one year down the line. [You need to read this post in conjunction with my earlier post … Continue reading

Technology Trend – Minus the Hype

If you are a pragmatist, you sure would like make your technology investment decision after discounting all the hype that surrounds the emerging technologies. The task is not easy since among all the hype around the new technologies a real inflection point may be hiding – and you would definitely not want to miss that. … Continue reading

7 Issues raised by Gartner IT Council for Cloud Services

Gartner has established two Global IT Councils – one of them is on cloud computing. The council members are notable people from IT, mostly CIOs. The report explains the issues, provides the views of the council members and provides recommendations on what is the way forward. The seven issues are: Data ownership Service level agreement … Continue reading

5 Examples of Migration to Cloud

Here are 5 examples where organizations have leveraged cloud technologies. What is interesting is that each of the examples is very different from each other. The types of organizations are varied – starting from Self-publishing service to US Government to Hospital to Manufacturing organization. The underlying motivation also varies – from cost saving to manageability … Continue reading

Cloud Computing – Adoption Challenge

Like investment chasing highest return, does innovation chase technology adoption challenge – especially those challenges which stand in the way of adoption of the latest hype? After all, anybody who manages to remove the biggest stumbling block stands to gain the maximum financial return from the effort. Harder the problem – more competitive advantage do … Continue reading

Why I switched to Chrome

This January, Chrome crossed 5% market share mark. Neither Safari nor Opera could ever manage it. What is even more interesting is that in February the market share of all other major browsers slipped and in last one year, Chrome has picked up 4% market share! (If you want detailed stats on browser market share, … Continue reading

Is HTML5 a game changer

To answer this question we first need to look at what way it is different from HTML4. Here are the salient features of HTML5 arranged in the order of importance (my opinion). Offline working: Like Google Gears it allows mechanism for ensuring Web applications are available even when the user is not connected to their … Continue reading

Cloud On-demand Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

How does the cost of dedicated hosted server solution compare with on demand hosting? For the purpose of the comparison I have selected Rackspace for dedicated server hosting and Amazon for on-demand cloud hosting. (In an earlier post I had compared the cost of different cloud providers). This is only a direct cost comparison. I … Continue reading