How to Architect For Web 2.0 – 3 Postulates and 10 Must Dos

Web 2.0 may not have a clear-cut definition but irrespective of which way you look at it (there are 3 different ways of looking at web 2.0), it is about the behavior of complex system, it is about collective intelligence and it is about emergence. The fundamental principles governing such systems are that the whole … Continue reading

Consumer Centric Thinking

Are you planning to jump into the web2.0 bandwagon? Why? To be perceived as cool brand? To catch the eyeball? … To advertise? To be where the consumers are? Or simply not to be left behind? I do not think these are valid reasons. However, I am also not saying that web2.0 is just hype, … Continue reading

Need for Consumer Centric thinking before building Mobile Applications

Last week I came across a Forrester report on mobile banking. The title of the report is “Consumers Are Apathetic about Mobile Banking”. It says “A Lack of Urgency and Availability of Other Channels Holds Back Adoption”. The executive summary is worth reading: “Despite their bank or credit union imploring them to “bank anytime, anywhere,” … Continue reading