Technology Trends that Require Scrutiny

No individual can really track and understand the impact of change in all the emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Media, Agile Methodology and Big Data … You can realistically aim to have an in depth understanding of only a small subset. By in depth understanding I mean you know significantly more about … Continue reading

Why does Enterprise prefer iPhone over Android?

Mobile management and security vendor Good released its quarterly device activations report. The report states that iOS dominate Android four to one in the enterprise. This is in spite of Android devices having an equal or slightly larger market share compared to iPhone. Is it because iPhone is much better tailored for enterprise need? That … Continue reading

Why Consumerization of IT is happening now?

Has the world changed more between now (2012) and 1962 that is last 50 years or the 50 years prior to that (1962-1612)? Wait a minute! What does this got to do with “Consumerization of IT”? Believe me, there is a connection – just hold your skepticism – humor me – and read on! What … Continue reading

What is Consumerization of IT?

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Consumerization of IT” or CoIT then you may think that it means “IT has become a consumer product”. But, that is not the current accepted interpretation of the term. Traditionally, adoption of Information Technology used to start with defense & government followed by the business enterprise. Those technologies used … Continue reading