Why am I uncomfortable with Product Backlog?

Though I am a strong believer in Agile process, I always get a feeling that a product backlog does not give the full picture of the expected product and we need something more to define it. Let us first look at how product backlog is prepared? You start with either a business problem or a … Continue reading

Agile Methodology and Emergence

What is Emergence? “It is the behavior of a system that is not explicitly described by the behavior of the components of the system, and is therefore unexpected to a designer or observer” – Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. “…emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions” … Continue reading

How to Setup MediaWiki for Enterprise?

[MediaWiki is an open source wiki which runs Wikipedia – anybody can download it and use it] We managed to setup MediaWiki for our Enterprise 2.0 initiative. We had to take care of some basic security needs. Our platform was: Windows Server 2003, Apache, and MySQL. Let me document what we did. (I need to … Continue reading

Enterprise 2.0 – Departure from Traditional Thinking

If you have not read this paper by Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0 then it would be a good idea to glance through it. You can also look at this post by Dion Hinchcliffe. For the last couple of weeks I was exploring how to give our Enterprise 2.0 initiative a fillip. This included exploring … Continue reading

How adoption of Latin script led to industrial revolution in the west

Yes,I am serious! If you do not believe me then show a little bit of patience and go through this post. Let us go back 10,000 years. The human anatomy including the size of our brain has remained more or less unchanged from then to now. So, how did we create the civilization as we … Continue reading