Are we falling back on IT Innovation?

Smartphones, tablets, and the cloud – are they true IT innovation? Or, As Bob Lewis suggests, are they consumer innovation or port of one or more of the dozen earlier innovations to these new platforms? In this article he has listed out a list of 12 innovations that had created the ability to do something … Continue reading

Will Best Management Idea come from Emerging Market

Harvard Business Review had published A Tribute to C K Prahalad written by HBR editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius. Here is an interesting quote from the article. “… C.K. also expressed enthusiasm about a book he was co-writing for HBR Press with HBR editor at large Anand Raman, on how some of the best management ideas these … Continue reading

1-2-3 of Innovation

Do you have an innovative idea worth pursuing? “Innovation is work” – Peter Drucker in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Why do you want to pursue your idea? Do you want to make money through your creation? Do you want to see your creation getting used and get recognized? Or, do you want to create just for … Continue reading