Is TypeScript Micrsoft’s answer to Google’s Dart?

One more programming language! On 1st October, 2012 Microsoft released TypeScript. Like Google’s Dart it is pitched against JavaScript. Unlike Dart it does not reject JavaScript syntax. 6 facts about TypeScript It compiles into JavaScript Its syntax is a super-set of JavaScript It is JavaScript + Object Orientation It is multi- platform – work with node.js and Visual … Continue reading

Cross-Platform Mobile Website Development – a Tool Comparison

Gartner says, in 3 years, mobile application development projects will outnumber PC projects by 4-1 ratio and in 4 years, 50% of the people will primarily access their emails from a mobile device. So, the necessity of establishing a mobile channel for your customer is – well a no-brainer. However, should you just build a … Continue reading

Where is Mobile Technology Headed?

The interest in mobile applications started towards the end of last millennium! Since then, as the saying goes, lot of water has flown under the bridge. The technology scenario has changed beyond recognition. None of the platforms which are popular today was in existence when we started our mobile journey. In fact, if you look … Continue reading