3 Thing Microsoft achieved through the launch of the Surface Tablet

Would I seriously consider buying a tablet which: Is light in weight Has an elegant, sleek and sturdy design Runs office Where the cover morphs on to be the keyboard Is attractively priced Has an acceptable battery life You bet I would. And, I am not alone in this – there are so many people … Continue reading

Succeed or Fail – Windows 8 will be a Game Changer

You may be thinking how a failure can be a game changer. Yes, it is easy to understand that if Windows 8 succeeds then the tablet and smart phone computing would be changed forever, but how can it change the game by failing? Well – if Windows 8 fails then it would be an official … Continue reading

6 Game Changing Technology Events of 2011 – and 2 Non-Events

1. Steve Jobs resigns permanently Steve Jobs, the genius is no longer with Apple. Would you like to take a bet that within next three years, Apple will not be able to come up with another game changing innovation like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac or Apple PC? 2. Google goes social Paul Allen says Google+ … Continue reading