Is Cloud losing its Value Proposition

We all know that hardware prices always comes down – but have you noticed any such trend in cloud computing? So, what happens when hardware prices keep coming down and cloud services pricing remains steady? The cloud value proposition of lowering IT costs slowly disappears … right? There is no doubt that the range of … Continue reading

8 Points to remember before you design your cloud application

Designing applications for the cloud is not business as usual. Though it is not rocket science, it has several nuances which are somewhat counterintuitive. Let me be more specific about what I mean by designing application for cloud. First let me exclude the whole universe of Software-as-a-Service where the applications are ready for use and … Continue reading

Cloud Economics – A Platform Comparison

Any new technology adoption happens because of one of the three reasons: Capability: It allows us to do something which was not feasible earlier Convenience: It simplifies Cost: It significantly reduces cost of doing something What is our expectation from cloud computing? As I had stated earlier, it is all about cost saving … (1) … Continue reading