Cross-Platform Mobile Code Generator – a Tool Comparison

This is the fourth post for cross-platform mobile development tool comparison. There are two more to come. For convenience of analysis, I had divided the tools into five categories (here is an overview). They are: (1)    Mobile Web (JavaScript-CSS library), (2)    Visual Tool (No access to Code), (3)    App Generator (Native application for multiple platforms), (4)    Hybrid App (Leverages embedded browser control) and … Continue reading

Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) or Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools – a Comparison

To build and maintain applications required to reach out to you customer through Mobile & Smart phone is expensive. Why? Because of platform proliferation. Because of quick technology obsolescence.  (See this) Management perception compounds the problem. Anybody, not intimately familiar with this technical challenge, perceives that the effort of developing a mobile application should be … Continue reading