Open Source and Microsoft – are you kidding?

Guess who the only “Premium Diamond Sponsor” was for the Open Source Convention, OSCON 2012? Yes, it was Microsoft. See the report from eWeek. Other sponsors of the event included HP, Citrix, Google, Open Stack, Red Hat, Dell, Facebook, Intel, RackSpace, VMWare, Amazon, Ubuntu, IBM and Oracle. (This is a partial list). The Tracks were … Continue reading

2 Things You Need to Know About Open Source Licensing

If you are familiar with different types of open source licenses – you can skip this post. Otherwise – read on … There are 2 importing facts that you need to keep in mind when you use free software. No, I am not talking about talking issues like reliability, support, TOC etc. which gets discussed … Continue reading

Has the time for Open Source ERP come?

For some time now I have been tracking the change in popularity of the top open source platform and I noticed a curious trend. At the beginning of the year ADempiere ERP was the top open source project. Looking down the list you would have found PostBooks at 8, Openbravo ERP at 9, webERP at … Continue reading