Forrester says Future of Cloud is SaaS

Well … they have not actually said it but the data provided in their report on “Sizing the Cloud – Understanding and Quantifying the Future of Cloud Computing” implies so. The projection claims that going forward more than 80% of US cloud revenue will be from SaaS. This trend will continue for next 10 years. … Continue reading

Cloud Computing – Important Events till 2010

Have you ever wondered where did the term “Cloud Computing” originate? When did the hype around cloud start? Who are the people responsible for the idea of utility computing? The evolution can be split into 3 phases: The Idea Phase – this started in the 1960s and stretched to the pre internet bubble era. The … Continue reading

Architectural Consideration for Building Cloud Application

Though it is generally believed that biggest challenge of architecting a cloud application is security and reliability, there is another major dimension which is generally overlooked which is cost optimization. In response to the pool “What is the main risk with cloud computing?” by Tech Republic – 59% identified data security to be the main … Continue reading