Will iPad Succeed

Will iPad succeed? We will know the answer to this question in few months time but I would like to put my neck out and apply one of my theories about why such devices succeed example – iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Palm, Walkman etc. For any new device to become very popular – it needs to … Continue reading

Is HTML5 a game changer

To answer this question we first need to look at what way it is different from HTML4. Here are the salient features of HTML5 arranged in the order of importance (my opinion). Offline working: Like Google Gears it allows mechanism for ensuring Web applications are available even when the user is not connected to their … Continue reading

State of Economy and the Role of CIO

Have you noticed that the perceived role of CIO is dependent on the state of economy? [BTW: Have you ever wondered who coined the term CIO and when it was first used. It was first used in 1980 by William Synott, then senior vice president of the First National Bank of Boston. (See this)] Search … Continue reading

Technology Direction – Forrester and Gartner

Both Gartner and Forrester came up with their technology prediction this month. It is interesting to compare the two – here is a comparison. Topic Forrester: The Top 15 Technology Trends EA Should Watch (here) Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010 (here) Remarks Web 2.0 Social Computing In And Around The Enterprise … Continue reading

Cloud Strategy

(This post is triggered by John Gannon asking me a question about “the implication of VMware acquisition of Spring Source?”) IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service PaaS: Platform as a Service SaaS: Software as a Service The proposition: The proposition: The proposition: I will give you a virtual machine in the cloud which you can provision … Continue reading

Does Cloud Require Change in Programming Mindset

Cloud computing is at the very peak of Gartner Hype-Cycle – literally! All big players (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM …) have jumped into it. Lot has been written about the obvious Pros and Cons and I have listed the main arguments below: The story is about … However, doubts persists … Saving money through economy … Continue reading

Has the time for Open Source ERP come?

For some time now I have been tracking the change in popularity of the top open source platform and I noticed a curious trend. At the beginning of the year ADempiere ERP was the top open source project. Looking down the list you would have found PostBooks at 8, Openbravo ERP at 9, webERP at … Continue reading

Mobile App or Mobile Web

Which is more appropriate for Travel Industry? Since the launch of iPhone the mobile industry has been in a flux. It has witnessed lot of innovations since then. Today, more choices are available to the user than ever before which has resulted in a fragmented market. It has complicated matters for every organization which wants … Continue reading

Web 2.0 – Has the term outlived its life?

Frequently I am asked the question “What work you done on Web 2.0?” and most of the time I do not know how to answer it. Invariably I start by trying to explain what I understand by Web 2.0. If you recollect, the term Web 2.0 had been coined in the year 2004 by Dale … Continue reading

Is the Technology Hype-Cycle of any use?

Every year, around the month of July, Gartner publishes Hype-Cycles on different technologies. There are more than 150 of them for different technologies and domains. The one that I have been following closely over the years is the Hype-Cycle on Emerging Technologies. For those of you who are not very familiar with what a Hype-Cycle … Continue reading