Why Web 2.0 does not work inside Enterprise

I am writing this post with the hope that you will prove me wrong – you will point out all the fallacies in my argument. These are the collections of views that I have come across, on why web 2.0 concepts and tools are not much of use inside an enterprise. Incompatibility – Structured approach … Continue reading

How to Setup MediaWiki for Enterprise?

[MediaWiki is an open source wiki which runs Wikipedia – anybody can download it and use it] We managed to setup MediaWiki for our Enterprise 2.0 initiative. We had to take care of some basic security needs. Our platform was: Windows Server 2003, Apache, and MySQL. Let me document what we did. (I need to … Continue reading

Web 2.0 – Has the term outlived its life?

Frequently I am asked the question “What work you done on Web 2.0?” and most of the time I do not know how to answer it. Invariably I start by trying to explain what I understand by Web 2.0. If you recollect, the term Web 2.0 had been coined in the year 2004 by Dale … Continue reading

Enterprise 2.0 – Departure from Traditional Thinking

If you have not read this paper by Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0 then it would be a good idea to glance through it. You can also look at this post by Dion Hinchcliffe. For the last couple of weeks I was exploring how to give our Enterprise 2.0 initiative a fillip. This included exploring … Continue reading

Moore’s Law, Performance and RIA

As you all know, Moore’s law predicts that the computing power will double every 2 years. In recent times experts have revised it to 18 months. The question is what have we been doing with the extra power? We have used this power to … … reduce the time taken to complete specific computation activity … Continue reading

How Important Is Technology For Knowledge Management?

For the first time in my life, I delivered one hour talk without the aid of a Power Point presentation. No, I did not use any other software to make the slides. Did the projection system break down? No! Did the computer crash? No! It was a talk delivered to K-Community, a group of IT … Continue reading

Consumer Centric Thinking

Are you planning to jump into the web2.0 bandwagon? Why? To be perceived as cool brand? To catch the eyeball? … To advertise? To be where the consumers are? Or simply not to be left behind? I do not think these are valid reasons. However, I am also not saying that web2.0 is just hype, … Continue reading

Media 2.0

Few days’ back I was startled by the news item which claimed that UK online ad spend overtakes mainstream TV. The same news was corroborated by another post which stated that spending on online advertising surpasses TV. The news was little disconcerting because it did not seem to match with my ground level experience. So, … Continue reading

The 2.0 movement – What does it mean for an Enterprise?

These days, 2.0 is everywhere. It started with Web 2.0 but every other field have a tag 2.0 attached to it. Is it a hype which will go bust like dot com boom or have we reached an inflection point? If it is a passing phase then we can relax and wait for it to … Continue reading