If you are preparing for TOGAF certification here are links to pages containing free sample practice questions.

TOGAF 9 Foundation Level Certification – Question set 1

TOGAF 9 Foundation Level Certification – Question set 2

TOGAF 9 Certified Level Certification – Question on topics not available on the study guide

TOGAF 9 Certification Multiple Choice Questions by Chris Eaton

iQuiz – Quick Quiz System 

TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam

[Update: TOGAF 9.1 Released – What Does It Mean To You?]

Additional reading material

Here are some more material to help you understand TOGAF 9:

[Update: Open Group has the training material for part 1 available on their site – this is the link]

6 Responses to “TOGAF”
  1. yaathirigan says:

    Hi all
    I have created a quick reference Cheat Sheet for TOGAF which came very handy during my TOGAF preparation. These cheat sheets are available from my blog @

    I hope people looking forward for their Foundation & Certification exam might find this handy.

    • Pavan says:

      Hi Yaathirigan,

      The links to cheat sheets is not working from your post… Can you please send the cheat sheets?

  2. Vineeta says:

    Hi benerjee,
    Are there any prerequisites for doing TOGAF 9 ( for example like PMP we need to have some management training hours to qualify)

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