A Public Speaking Lesson in a Pot of Clay

In Innovation, if you are debating quality vs quantity – this is interesting read this post

Manner of Speaking

Today’s post was inspired by a story that I heard from my friend and fellow public speaker, Conor Neill. Conor came across the story via Malcolm Gladwell. I am not sure where Gladwell got it, but on with the story …

On the first day of a pottery course, the teacher did something rather peculiar. She divided the students into two groups.

Everyone in the first group, she said, would be graded based on the total weight of the ceramic pots that they produced during the semester. At the end of the course, these students would place their pots on a large scale. The more pots they produced, the more the weight would add up; the heavier the weight, the higher the mark.

Get your hands dirty.

By contrast, the students in the second group would be graded strictly on the quality of their work. They only had…

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