• What can you expect to find in this blog?

    This is a technology blog, so you will find stuff about emerging technologies like cloud computing, mobile computing, social media aka web 2.0 etc. You also find stuff about agile methodology and trends in architecture.

    Obviously, the blog is written from my perspective that is a world view seen through the lens of a software service provider based out of Bangalore and serving clients across the world.

    As far as possible, I try to ...
    ... Keep the hype out and project a realistic picture
    ... Uncover trends not very apparent
    ... Draw conclusion from real life experience
    ... Point out fallacy & discrepancy when I see them
    ... Talk about trends which I find interesting

Artificial Intelligence – Myth or Reality, Boon or Bane

Way back in 1969, as a kid, I watched a very interesting movie – “2001: A Space Odyssey”. It was a science fiction where a super intelligent computer program HAL is in-charge of a mission to Jupiter which also carries several astronauts. The program becomes rogue and tries to kill all the astronauts. The hero … Continue reading


Automation – Job Loss or Better Life?

Automation leads to job loss which leads to loss of income for the displaced people. Automation also leads to cheaper goods and services improving our standard of living. So, because of automation, some people loose out, others gain. Historically, people who have benefited, far outnumbered those who have lost out. Jobs loss in one sector … Continue reading

The Hunger Games and Impact of Automation

What has “The Hunger Games” got to do with the impact of automation? I am a fan of the series of the books and the movies. However, find that there is something very illogical about the whole setting. No, I am not talking about any specific situation on any specific element of the story. Neither it is … Continue reading

Are you scared of Automation?

Automation saves human effort … it makes our lives better. Yup – we all know that. The process is on for last 300 years. Automation also leads to job loss. Yeah … but new and more enriching job also gets created to compensate for the job loss.  That process is also on for last 300 … Continue reading

A Public Speaking Lesson in a Pot of Clay

Originally posted on Manner of Speaking:
Today’s post was inspired by a story that I heard from my friend and fellow public speaker, Conor Neill. Conor came across the story via Malcolm Gladwell. I am not sure where Gladwell got it, but on with the story … On the first day of a pottery course,…

A Software as a Voting Member of the Board?

Do you think that a software being a voting member of the board of director is science fiction then think again! It has actually happened! VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences), which is a software, has been appointed as a voting member by Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV), a Hong Kong based venture capital … Continue reading

How does Bitcoin work?

If you clearly understand how Bitcoin works then don’t bother reading this post. However, if you are like how I was before I read the article Minimum Viable Block Chain, and you are not clear about what Bitcoin is and how it works then please read on. Bitcoin is a neat technical solution to the problem … Continue reading

Difference between Anomalies and Outliers

Outlier = legitimate data point that’s far away from the mean or median in a distribution Anomaly = illegitimate data point that’s generated by a different process than whatever generated the rest of the data Ravi Parikh has written a very interesting blog on this topic – Garbage In, Garbage Out: How Anomalies Can Wreck Your Data. … Continue reading

Baxter – AI or Magic?

Marco Tempest is a Swiss magician based in New York City. He also happens to be a Director’s Fellow, MIT Media Lab! His team working Magic Robot Interaction has created Baxter. To understand what he is working on have a look at his amazing TED presentation! To know how much of this is AI and how much … Continue reading

State of Cloud Adoption

RightScale has recently published a report on State of the Cloud Report. It is the result of a survey of about a thousand people. The report has seven conclusions in the executive summary: Cloud adoption reaches ubiquity Hybrid cloud is the approach of choice Enterprise cloud governance lags adoption The challenge of cloud security is abating Next-generation IT shapes … Continue reading