We live in a Hyper-connected world. As usual there is no accepted definition of the term but you can look it up in Wikipedia, Wikispace, TechTarget or look at the http://hyperconnective.org

However, I guess, you would know the meaning of the term even without a definition.

Even in the absence of a clear definition one thing is very clear. Hyper-connectivity has altered our life. It has changed the way we do any and every activity in our life.

It has made our ability to network as the most important skill even more than acquiring knowledge – Network over Knowledge.

It has also given the collective intelligence our civilization a boost and is taking it to a new level – Collective knowledge of our civilization is much more than the sum of what we know

But do you know who coined the term?

The term invented by Canadian social scientists Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman.

5 to-do for the leader

  1. Build global connection and learn to work on a collaborative style
  2. Loosen control without losing it and decide when required
  3. Set the direction after engaging with people at the edge of the organization
  4. Learning is as important as performance
  5. You always need new idea – static group can be too inward looking


4 Responses to “Hyper-connectivity”
  1. Marie Nicol says:

    Very true, we do live in hyper- connected world and I do love it. I cannot image my life without Internet access or mobile phone without it…it has made life so much easier when you can check everything on the go…it gives us probably a headache too when we are exposed to too many information…and when it may become difficult to stay on the top of everything happening in our social and digital lives…but still I cannot imagine life without all the digital buzz…

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